#JoinTheTower – Ryan Gardner

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 1.00.07 PM copy

College: College of Communication

Major: Advertising

Year: Sophomore; Class of 2016

What do you do in Texas Tower PR—what account do you work with and what projects have you worked on?

Currently Web Content Strategist for Tower – manage website, coordinate and design content from members to be run on site, help design the site’s graphics, branding, and pages. Before that, I was an Account Associate for Candlelight Ranch, where I did some social media work and press releases for events.

What do you love about Texas Tower PR?

I would say the community feel of it. It’s a place where there are only a handful of members, so you really get to know everyone. The social aspect of it really helps stimulate hard work and creativity. It’s also a environment for great connections and internship-like experience of an actual PR firm.

Words you live by: Never settle.

What’s on your Netflix’s “recently watched” list?

Arrested Development

Mad Men

Benny & Joon

Less Than Zero

Into The Wild

Best Tiff’s Treats flavor: Butterscotch. No question.

5 favorite things you love about Austin:

Music scene


Aesthetic of downtown

Large, open campus

Burnt orange/UT influence reflected throughout entire city



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